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Second Wave of Covid 19

Second Wave of Covid 19
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Track the news of second wave of corona. Is true that second wave of covid-19 is actually coming in some countries?

  • "The second wave is arriving faster than we thought," Patrick Bouet, head of the National Council of the Order of Doctors

    France’s coronavirus second wave ‘arriving faster than we thought’

    France will face a months-long coronavirus epidemic that will overwhelm its health system if something does not change, one of the country's top medical figures warned Sunday.

  • China coronavirus latest: Why is China not having a second wave?

    COVID-19 has ravaged countries across the world as they try to get a handle on a second wave of COVID-19. Has China had a second wave of infections?

  • Mr Kejriwal was quoted by agencies as saying, "experts feel that Delhi has peaked in the second Covid-19 wave that the national capital is witnessing".

    Delhi has hit peak in second wave of coronavirus pandemic: Arvind Kejriwal

    This is the first time any state in the country claimed to have reached the second wave of the pandemic. The total number of cases in Maharashtra, which has reported the highest Covid-19 case load, is 12,63,799 cases. Delhi stands at the fifth spot with 2

  • Some countries — such as Albania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Montenegro, North Macedonia — are seeing higher case numbers in August than they did earlier in the year.

    Which countries in Europe are experiencing a second wave of COVID-19?

    There is much talk of a second wave of coronavirus in Europe. But what does the data tell us?

  • PM Justin Trudeau says Canada is in second wave of coronavirus pandemic, urges renewed caution

    Canada has entered a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said, warning that the country is on the brink of a surge if people do not follow public health guidelines.

  • UK - Boris Johnson warns of second wave of pandemic

    [3 years ago]
  • Europe - Second coronavirus wave in Autumn

    Indianexpress.com [3 years ago]
    Europe could likely see a second coronavirus outbreak in autumn this year, said WHO’s director of climate change, environment and health, Dr Maria Neira.

    ‘Europe could likely see second coronavirus wave in Autumn’

    WHO’s director of climate change, environment and health Dr Maria Neira said that in case a second wave happens, it won’t be of the same magnitude as the first.

  • Is India At Early Stages Of Second Wave Of Coronavirus?

    The latest COVID-19 trends over the last 10 days are worrying. Not only at the all-India level, but 10 of the 20 bigger states in India are showing signs of a second surge. The graphs here show in a simple form the clear upward trend in daily new cases, t