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Organ Trade - The Black Story in India

Organ Trade - The Black Story in India
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Find out how the illegal organ trade spreading the roots in India. Human trafficking, transplant tourism, organ donation and many more unknown illegal ways are available for organ trade in India.

  • India's organ crisis deepens

    INDIA TODAY [4 years ago]

    India's organ crisis deepens

    Poor training of doctors and misgivings among people trigger enormous shortage of kidney, liver, heart and cornea.

  • Top Indian Hospitals also Involved

    The Print [5 years ago]

    Top Indian hospitals, foreign clients, donors from UP caught in ‘kidney transplant racket’

    UP police has made two high-profile arrests in the last week as it looks to unravel a ‘kidney transplant racket’ that spans 3 states & several countries.

  • India: Doctor Arrested in Illegal Kidney Transplant Case

    A Delhi doctor was arrested Saturday for his involvement in an international kidney racket plot, according to Indian media.

  • Moving Kidney Donors to Egypt

    Reuters [6 years ago]

    Indian kidney traders smuggle donors to Egypt to beat strict...

    MUMBAI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Indian police are investigating a major organ trade racket after they arrested two men, including an alleged kingpin, at Mumbai airport for trafficking poor peopl...

  • Duped into selling his kidney, this 23-year-old exposed an illegal organ racket in India

    Seven years after leaving his village in northern India to find work in the bursting metropolis of Mumbai, Sundar Singh Jatav was struggling in a menial job at a video game shop.

  • The illegal organ trade thrives in India – and it isn't likely to end soon

    Kidney and liver diseases are growing in India. But the number of cadaver donations remains low.

  • Human Organ On Sale

    Indian Journal of Medical Ethics [21 years ago]
    It has been reported from the Idukki district of Kerala at Poomala tribal settlement that 45 persons sold their kidneys and 30 received advance payment for the same. In Kerala, there are 20-80 renal transplantations per month from live donors, mostly done by private, for-profit hospitals.