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The Frauds in Hospitals

Find out the how hospitals are going to cheat with patients. Track how some hospitals, doctors, labs, pharmacist are going to make only money from Indian common peoples.

  • India Today TV Impact: Centre removes 97 hospitals from govt panel over fraud claims

    Union Minister Harsh Vardhan said that nearly 1,200 cases of fraud have been confirmed and action has been taken against 338 hospitals, out of which 97 hospitals have been de-empanelled from the scheme while FIRs have been lodged against six hospitals.

  • Private hospitals overcharging patients -

    Financial Express [4 years ago]

    Private hospitals overcharging patients, selling medicines at inflated prices, finds govt agency

    The government had received 241 complaints in 2018-19 related to issues in the purchase of medicine and overpricing. The number of such complaints in 2016-17 was 129.

  • Less than 20% with foreign MBBS degrees eligible to work as doctors in India

    Those with MBBS degrees from Bangladesh fare the best while the bottom of the list is filled with degree holders from China and Russia.

  • White Coated Corruption

    IJME [5 years ago]

  • Corporate hospital Doctors looting money from patients - Padma Bhushan Dr. Hegde

    [5 years ago]

  • 11 Horrific Cases Where Hospitals Cheated Patients For Money

    Hospitals or money minting hubs?

  • The Corrupt ‘Cut Practice’

    Scroll.in [7 years ago]

    Patients pay a heavy price as India’s doctors continue with the corrupt ‘cut practice’

    Many doctors are lured or scared into paying commissions to other doctors in return for having patients referred to them.

  • Scary, real incidents show how unethical Indian doctors have become. But these Doctors tell you just how to figure fake from real

    A doctor who claims to know everything about your condition before even going into the details is suspicious.

  • Doctors & The Corporate Targets

    Times of India [9 years ago]

    Doctors do avoidable surgeries to meet corporate targets | Chennai News - Times of India

    The numbers speak of Chennai’s rise as a medical capital: More than two lakh cataract surgeries in a year, a two-fold jump in caesarean section, a sha

  • Doctors in India profiteering from sick patients: reports

    (Reuters Health) - - Fabricating test results after dumping blood samples in the sink. Stitching up the cervix of pregnant women on the pretext of preventing miscarriage. Labeling healthy people as ha...

  • SC Fine Rs 6 crore for medical negligence

    Times of India [10 years ago]

    SC awards record Rs 6 crore for medical negligence | India News - Times of India

    India News: In a path-breaking judgment, the Supreme Court on Thursday awarded a record Rs 5.96 crore compensation for medical negligence to a US-based NRI doctor

  • Chemotherapy is a Waste of Money

    [12 years ago]